Motorcycle Sports Bag


New stylish sports bag / backpack from Alive Sports Gear. Alive brand stands for durable material with good functionality. Case in innovative and modern design where the backpack and bag combined into one. Alive 110 Sports bag is the bag for you which requires a good and durable product for your active life.  Sporty waterproof bag with adjustable and removable shoulder straps and a roomy main compartment.

Available Color: Black
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Product Info:-
Backpack:: A practical bag for those who want to have their hands free even though you are wearing.
Gaskit:: The suitcase, the obvious alternative for the gasket to make a long journey.
Sports Bag Section:: Here you can fit everything you need for your workout shoes as well as a water bottle and workout clothes.
Material:: Synthetics is a generic name for man-made materials that do not come from animals and nature.
Measure:: Length: 57 cm Height: 27 cm Width: 27 cm
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