Premium series means that the product has been equipped with TOP OF THE LINE materials and accessories. They have also changed the standard and put premium fabric inside the overall for a softer feel. The product has also been equipped with LEVEL 2 CE protection which is soft and adapts to the body shape.


ATV / SNOWSKOTER / SNOWMOBILE fully adjustable for cool weather with maximum mobility. Waterproof with breathable membrane that keeps you dry and warm. Made of a combination of durable and lightweight materials for mobility and durability. Multiple vents with zipper for desired ventilation. An overall that has everything you could wish for. Perfect overall for ATV / Snowmobiling / Snowboarding / Skiing and everything that has to do with Snowmobile.


The PREMIUM product also contains:

- Softer interior material for increased comfort.

- Removable LEVEL-2 protection Shafts, Elbow and Back. LEVEL 2 CE protection EN1621-1: 2012 and EN1621-2: 2014

- Premium inner lining comfort Pro


- Removable hood

- Plastic inner pocket 100% waterproof + regular inner pocket with zipper

- Neoprene neck fabric for increased neck comfort

- Heat lined with breathing membrane

- Waterproof inner pocket for storing mobile etc.

- Detachable braces for a good fit

- Lined pockets

- Reflexes

- Tile lined inner parts

- Ventilation pockets with mesh for maximum ventilation

- Removable CE protection

- Storm cuff entry with lycra extensions

- Several pockets for storage

- Long leg opening with zipper

- Warmtech chip lining for heat

- Waterproof with taped seams with water repellent zippers


Elbow and shoulder protection approved according to EN1621-1: 2012 and the backrest according to EN1621-2: 2014. This is among the safest you can wear.

The softness of the protection makes the fit perfect and adapts to the body's shapes without feeling uncomfortable.

Viscoelastic construction

Forms according to the body


Note that this product can be ordered custom-made. We recommend ordering this product to be tailor-made for the best possible fit. The price is valid for body size up to 3XL, for larger body size an additional cost of Please contact. The additional cost is calculated by a The Holy handler after receiving your body measurements. The delivery time is between 12 - 16 working days depending on the seasonal load.


size               Chest (cm)          Stomach (cm)          
XS 91-95 83-87
S 95-99 87-91
M 99-103 91-95
L 103-107 95-99
XL 107-111 99-103
2XL 111-115 103-107
3XL 115-119 107-111
4XL 119-123 111-115
5XL 123-127 115-119
6XL 127-131 119-123
7XL 131-135 123-127
8XL 135-139 127-131

Available Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
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